Dump the Desktop. Go QuickBooks Online

Change can be challenging even for the most experienced accountant but currently it is almost compulsory. Technology is ever changing, and AI and machine learning is the future. If we do not get on the bandwagon now, we will unfortunately be left behind.

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Improve Small Business Invoicing for Faster Payment

Yes, we’re already 17 years in the new century, and yet, it is possible and still common to see small businesses asking to be paid within 30 days of invoicing. The days of cheques are long gone and so it’s time to adapt the payment terms as well. Indeed, getting a signature to approve payment certainly doesn’t take 30 days.

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Three Xero Apps for Small Business Finance Management

With the mind boggling 500 Xero apps specifically designed to streamline business activities you are certainly spoiled for choice. Which ones to get? Start with the three below and we’ll update you over time on some other great apps to make business life easier. 1....

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